Permanent Museum of the Art Encounters of the Genal Valley - Aldea de la Higuera - Hideaway in Andalucia Spain
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Permanent Museum of the Art Encounters of the Genal Valley

Since 1994, they have been celebrating in this town, during the the first two weeks of August (biannual), a series of days in which various artists work, create, coexist and exchange ideas and experiences. The City Council facilitates the accommodation, maintenance, as well as materials, media and tools and the publication of a summary catalog.

The works of art thus made become part of the patrimony of the town, the streets and squares of the municipality now house more than 60 pieces. In this way numerous sculptures in stone, wood, ceramics, iron and cork, as well as murals, collages, paintings, photographs, and other works of diverse character, embellish, some, the streets, squares and walks of the town and others are exposed in Municipal units awaiting their definitive installation in the future museum for interior works, an old oil mill in the process of remodeling. It will have a room where exhibitions will be scheduled throughout the year.Audiovisual art will also be present.

The meetings of Arte de Genalguacil are complemented by a varied agenda of cultural activities. Musical performances, theatrical performances, parades, conferences, and workshops of ceramics, cinema, painting or astronomy.


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