Church of San Pietro de Verona - Aldea de la Higuera - Hideaway in Andalucia Spain
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Church of San Pietro de Verona

In the centre of Genalguacil is the 18th century church, the Iglesía San Pedro de Verona, rebuilt on the same location as the original post Moorish era chapel (1534) that was destroyed in the Morisco uprising of 1570. In front of the iglesía is a wonderful plaza with views of the Sierra Bermeja and on a clear day all the way to Estepona.

Church built in the XVII century, in its exterior stands out its tower of Octagonal plant. The early church of St. Peter Martyr of Verona, erected in the middle of s. XVI, was burned and destroyed during the rebellion of the Moors in 1570. At that time they were sent to Sierra Bermeja to depopulate about 500 soldiers, who began to steal and take slaves, thus provoking the wrath of the Moors who came down to defend To their wives and children.

The chief of the soldiers, Pedro Bermúdez, left some in the church in the care of women, children and old people. The Moors surrounded her, took those who were enclosed in her and burned with the soldiers inside, without these could be rescued.

The current factory was made in a major reconstruction during the last third of the s. XVIII. Surprisingly, since all the old, bad and earthy work – impossible to reform with the material materials of lime, stone and brick -, in 1791 the church again needed a restoration (probably in the buttresses). Subsequently there have been various restoration works being the last and most important ones carried out during the past year of 1998.

The style of the church can be framed in the Baroque academic and classicist, with some presences of the Mudejar style as in the simple wood armor of the central nave.


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