Charco Azul - Aldea de la Higuera - Hideaway in Andalucia Spain
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Charco Azul is a natural pool and waterfall in the Arroyo del Quejigo which is one of the small stream tributaries to the Rio Genal.  It is an isolated location and on most visits you will be alone you enjoy a swim (with or without swimming costume) in the crystal clear pool. There are two small (three metre) waterfalls cascading down eather side of a rock butress. The pool measures about 20m by 10m and is up to 3 metres deep.  The Charco Azul takes its name from the clear waters and the blue grey colour of the exposed rock on one side of the pool.

From the Charco Azul you can follow the river upstream by finding a steep track on the right hand side of the Charco Azul and part hiking and part walking in the river after one kilometer passing some smaller waterfalls and some pools you will reach another charco and waterfall. this one is called the Charco Encanto it is about the sames size and features a large tree trunk that has fallen into the pond.


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