Cork oak harvest 2011

Cork oak harvest 2011

Cork Harvest 2011 Aldea de la Higuera

The Cork is the outer layer of the bark from a species of evergreen oak tree found growing naturally in only a handful of places in southern Spain and Portugal being the most famous. When the cork is taken it does not harm the tree when cut by an expert, and takes 9 years to grow back to full thickness before it can be harvested again.
The harvest takes about 6-8 days, it involves 4-6 corcheros (cork cutters) 1-2 coriadors (collectors), 3 mules, 2 mulemen and a foreman to organise the cutting and collecting and to weigh and keep a tally for the cork buyer.
The cork farmer has also to be present as the cork arrives at the weighing station by mule, it is then unloaded and weighed and restacked ready to be loaded onto the buyer’s lorry.
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